Review Policy

What We Read

I currently accept review requests for Picture Books, especially those for babies and young readers ages 5-7. I accept print books, ebooks, egalleys, and audiobooks. Precedence is given to print copies as I don’t own a mobile reader at the moment. If I have to read the book on the computer, it’s not likely I will read it with my littles, so we’ll be missing out on the most important part of picture books: the experience! Audiobooks may also take extra time to review.

If you represent a MG or YA book, I also accept those at Raine Reviews. Please check out my specific review policy for that site, though.

We do not review chapter books here yet, as neither of my girls is old enough to enjoy one.

How to Request a Review

If you want to request a review, you can reach me at rainereviews at gmail dot com. I ask that you wait for my response before sending me your book. My time to read and review is limited, so I have to choose what I spend that time on. That said, if I accept your request, you can expect to see a review within a month or two.

How I Review 

All reviews reflect our honest opinion of the work, meaning mine and my little girls’. This means I can’t promise a positive review, only a respectful one. In the unlikely event that I find myself unable to finish reading your book, I will contact you with my reasons.

All reviews I write will appear on this blog as well as on and Goodreads.

The Letter-Grade Scale

Instead of the 5-star scale, we prefer the letter grade scale. It goes something like this:

A(+/-): Rave-worthy.

B(+/-): Enjoyable.

C(+/-): Okay, but had some issues.

D(+/-): Not really our cup of tea.

F(+/-): Disliked it.


I would love to conduct some! I absolutely love speaking to authors, editors, publishers, and artists about books we’ve already read or are planning to read. In fact, here is my interview with poet B.J. Best that The Lit Pub published last year to show you an example of my work. Email me at rainereviews at gmail dot com if you are interested in setting up an interview.


No part of this site may be reproduced or used without the express written consent of the author.


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